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High School Transition Team

The HST Team is committed to supporting all 9th and 10th graders through their transition to high school. They understand that the transition from middle school can be a challenging one and that it can take time for students to adjust and establish themselves as members of their new high school community. HST's focus is on providing academic and social-emotional support to help students thrive on their high school journey. They deeply value their role working with freshmen and sophomores navigating their new identity as high school students in the world beyond middle school. Their hope is for each PrepNext student to leave the High School Transition side with a strong educational foundation to pursue their post-secondary goals.

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  • A focus on wellness, sense of belonging, academics, and non-cognitive skill building

  • High School Transition Workshops in the spring of 8th grade

  • Goal setting & progress debriefs

  • Grade & attendance monitoring

  • Student groups focusing on key skill-building

  • Community service projects

  • Virtual tutoring

  • Connections to outside organizations based on student need & interest

  • Collaboration with high school counselors, teachers, and staff

  • IEP meeting participation

  • Course selection guidance

  • Social & cultural events

  • Comprehensive individual meetings with students and families

  • Family workshops

  • Social Emotional Support


Ms. Adams

Associate Director of High School Transition

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Mr. Cooper

Associate of High School Transition

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