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a DC Prep Program

PrepNext's mission is to provide holistic support to

DC Prep graduates as they pursue success

through high school and higher education.

PrepNext is the alumni support program of  DC Prep, a network of charter schools in the DC area serving students from preschool to 8th Grade.


PrepNext was founded in 2010 when our first class of graduates were juniors in high school. Building off of the education, community, and momentum fostered at DC Prep, PrepNext follows all of our alumni for ten years after eighth-grade graduation throughout their educational journeys. Beyond that, all of our DC Prep graduates are forever a part of the DC Prep Alumni Association, which strives to foster connection and networking opportunities within our community.


PrepNext provides holistic support to our students as they move to the larger and often more complex world of high school and, ultimately, onto higher education, focusing intentionally on moments of transition: from 8th to 9th grade, from high school to higher education, and from school to career. Through our deep belief in community, in the power of education, and in strong relationships, we strive to be an ongoing resource for our students and their families.

PrepNext by the Numbers -- SY 23-24

  • 1,046 total DC Prep graduates since 2007

  • 457 are currently in high school and 336 are currently in our post-secondary program

  • 4 members on our High School Team, which includes High School Transition and College & Career Access

  • 2 members on our Post-secondary Team, which includes our College Success and Post-Secondary & Alumni Relations

  • 95% of our 8th-grade graduates since 2007 have graduated high school, compared to 65% in DC

  • 32% of our 8th-grade graduates since 2007 have graduated college within 6 years of high school graduation. This is 4x the rate of DC 9th Graders who earn a PS degree, as estimated by the DC Policy Center

  • 43% of our college matriculants since 2007 and 65% of the college matriculants from our most recent class have graduated college within 6 years, compared to 55% nationwide and 11% for first-generation, low-income students of color

  • 2/3 of our eighth-grade graduates earn acceptances at selective and independent schools, collectively winning over $10 million in scholarships

  • See our Enrollment page to see the high schools, colleges, and programs our PrepNext students have attended

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