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Alumni Association Leadership Council

Program Overview

The PrepNext Team is so excited to launch our Alumni Association in SY22-23!


Similar to PrepNext, all DC Prep graduates are members of our Alumni Association. And while the PrepNext team provides direct support to students and families for the 10 years following 8th grade graduation, the Alumni Association will allow for the PrepNext community to persist long past college graduation and the start of careers.


The magic of DC Prep has always been in its people, in its community. And our new Alumni Association will be a way for us to nurture this community and solidarity within and beyond PrepNext.


The core of the Alumni Association will be a small group of scholars that lead the work as the Alumni Association Leadership Council (AALC). In the short term, the AALC will be made up of representatives from each middle campus for each grade level. We're starting with 9th grade, and we will build from there. We look forward to expanding to parent representatives and to representatives beyond the 10-year scope of PrepNext.


Interested in learning more?! Check out the flyer below detailing the application process for our Founding Class: the 8th grade Class of 2022 and/or email Jill Salisbury.

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